About me

Thanks for visiting my blogs.

Myself Digamber, Professionally I’m a Graphic Designer (working with private firm as an Asst. Manager for Design and Production) and analyst with experience in information Digital printing. I enjoy starting projects, learning new technologies, taking on different roles, and explaining concepts to others.

I have a passion for doing basic research and applying research to the real world.

My Specialties:
Graphic Designing, Social Networking, Information Design

Designs should do two things: Make life (and business) easier and let people communicate in new ways. 🙂



On (for 24×7 ) http://www.twitter.com/Digamber



7 प्रतिसाद

  1. Excellent !!

    I had like the meaning of Designing and surprised to hear about you doing cyber law. Good field to choose for person like. Who is techie and full of information.

    I would be regular visitor to your blog.

    Keep up the good work

    with warms regards

  2. Hi Digamber.

    I have too, just passed out that course from Asian Law College. Nice to know it. You have already visited my blog, however, I didn’t know that we may be batchmates in a course..Which is your batch?


  4. Hello Sir,
    I am R0$#@N , your all the sites and blogs are excellent. When I am searching about Tawade Kulvansh on the web then these sites are coming in front of me.

    Thank you Sir…..
    Roshan S. Tawade

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