PAN – How to get reprinted PAN

PAN – How to get reprinted PAN

– Have you lost your PAN?
– Have you changed your home and would like to update address on PAN?
– Do you want to reprint your PAN?

If any of above questions answer is ‘Yes’ then you can get your PAN at your residence address with online application. Only thing is, you have current (updated) address on your AADHAR. You can use eKYC linked with AADHAR and within 7-10 days, your new card (with old PAN) will be delivered to your (new) address.

Keep your Aadhaar Address up-to-date
Recently moved to a new city? Or have changed your residence? Do not forget to update your new address in your Aadhaar. You have Valid Address Proof or have received Address Validation Letter Letter (For those without Valid Address Proof), you can update your address visiting following link:

As per provisions of Section 272B of the Income Tax Act., 1961, a penalty of Rs. 10,000 can be levied on possession of more than one PAN.

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