We Metrokar – Mumbai Metro – as a joyrider

Mumbai Metro update as joyriders 🙂

Much awaited Mumbai Metro has been inaugurated and started the service for passengers on 8 June 2014 in-between Ghatkopar to Varsova. Total length of route is 11.40 km.

Mumbai is the 6th City which has Metro Service:

Kolkata started 1st Metro Service in 1984, its known as "Kolkata Metro"

Chennai started 2nd Metro Service in 1995, its known as "Chennai MRTS"

Delhi started 3rd Metro Service in 2002, its known as "Delhi Metro"

Bangalore started 4th Metro Service in 2011, its known as "Namma Metro"

Gurgaon started 5th Metro Service in 2013, its known as "Rapid MetroRail Gurgaon"


Mumbai started 6th Metro Service on 8 June 2014, its known as "Mumbai Metro"

Have decided to travel with Mumbai Metro on 16th of June. I thought today is the first day of school and there will be less joyriders as holiday time is over. but I was wrong, on Ghatkopar there was crowed (85% Metro travellers are joyriders). The newly opened Mumbai Metro along the VAG corridor (Versova-Andheri-Ghatkopar) seemed adventurous.

I have travelled several times in London Tube (Metro) and with Delhi Metro, was eager to experience with Mumbai Metro.

Have reached to Ghatkopar via Central railway. Metro Station is on Center Bridge, which is connected to Central line railway Station Bridge.

From Bridge I have climbed-up till (second floor for) ticket, OMG!! it’s a very long queue for ticket, most of public came along with family and children, and there are senior citizens too. have no alternative for ticket (token and smart card), so now I was part of queue for ticket. also there was queue for Smart card, Smart card is good for regular travel, as I am joyrider, preferred Token.

Within 10-15 minutes I reached to Ticket window, demanded for Ghatkopar-Varsova Token… 🙂

now I am ready for journey with token.

they have separate queue for ‘Gents’ and ‘Ladies’ to enter on Metro Platform with luggage scanner (security check). the Metro staff will be there to guide how to use token to enter on platform with the mechanized entry barricades. the sign boards are useful for passengers, sign boards are much clear and easy to understand with the carry-catchers.

have seen Metro staff is guiding to each passenger, have seen most of people are not aware how to stand on elevator, how to enter on Metro train, no patient because all are used to with Mumbai local. 😦

Similar to London Tube, our Mumbai Metro doesn’t have segregation of coaches. have boarded on crowded coach, its crowded, but you can stand comfortably your own without touching co-passenger, it’s manageable. wow. the coaches are clean, air-conditioned are functioning perfectly 🙂

have seen, one side seats are reserved for Senior citizens and for Ladies.

One soft yellow light above the door would flicker when the doors were about to be opened and closed with recorded announcement. It would remain lit while the doors were open. An indication to alight/board. The crowd was behaving themselves so far. most of young crowed was busy with cell phone to take selfie and group pictures inside coach.

The following facilities shall be provided at all metro stations:



Tactile Path (for Visually impaired passengers)



First Aid


Waterfountain (Drinking water)


Emergeny stop plunger

Free cash machines (Bank ATM)

List of Stations:


Jagruti Nagar



Marol Naka

Airport Road

Chakala (J B Nagar) Western Express Highway (WEH)

Andheri Station

Azad Nagar



Photo courtesy: Digamber


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