Sach is Life….

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar born in Mumbai. and that is the reason its our time to express our Love and support on his Farewell

Sachin will play 200th Test at Wankhede, Mumbai on November 14, he is going to retire after 200th Test.

We would like to contribute for great player on his farewell.

We all know, that all Mumbaikars (and all Indians) are upset, because not getting the ticket to watch 200th Test on Wankhede stadium.

We have printed few T-shirts to show our love towards our God. Graphic Designer Mr. Rajendra Matele, had creatively made the artwork design of T-shirt.

The focus is on T-shirts with a message related to
"Sach is Life

Sachin is the Subject" though the lines and concepts is created to show our respect to Sachin.

Finally the T’shirts have arrived for distributing to friends and within team members.
If you are a true fan of Sachin, and have any planned to visit during 200th Test match at Wankhede, you can send your request for T-shirt.

The shirts, made from organic cotton, come in styles for both men and women.

If you are sending request for T-shirt, please let us know the following details

As "sach" there is no Cost for "sach"in fan, the production cost of per T-shirt is is Rs400


Please note: we are not Selling T-shirts for commercial purpose, the cost of T-shirt are without any profit. also we have limited t-shirts.


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