Free SMS* from Gmail

Gmail Allows Sending Free SMS* in India

Sending SMS from Gmail existed much before in labs as SMS (text messaging) in chat you need to enable it to use it though (?). From today, all Gmail users are started getting notification for “ new free SMS in Gmail”.

Gmail now allowing Indian users to send free SMS to mobile phone, provided you need to enter cell number and save as contact in contact list.

How SMS Credit works

Gmail offers SMS credit of 50 (SMS) which when over you get one message as credit. When you send a message credit decreased by one and when you get response to it credit will be increased by five. For every reply you get five credits.

SMS charges

Google doesn’t charge for sending SMS, the mobile operator surely will if the person send reply from mobile to Google Chat.


How to send Free SMS right from Gmail

1. Sign into your Gmail

2. Click on chat icon on left side, enter mobile number (prefex+91) in Search, chat or SMS box and click send SMS, type the contact name and Save.

3. Now chat window pop ups on right side which shows SMS credit as 50, type the message and click send. If contact replies, you’ll see the message in chat window.

Is Gmail Free service working for you? let us know in comments.

Enjoy the new service.


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