Rail Radar by Indian Railway

Rail Radar it is a live tracker of indian railway on real-time basis.
Indian Railways – Mapped live on Google Maps http://railradar.trainenquiry.com/

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This website is work on internet base mobile phones too, it is very useful service by Indian Railway.

RailRadar is an interactive map which allows users to watch movements of trains, which are currently running in India. The application was today announced at the Digital Conference held by Medianama.

“There are several factors that can affect a train while it is on its route. Weather, breakdowns, congestion, local control-office directives, and more. RailRadar tries to continuously update this information. However, since the data on the Radar is displayed few minutes later than the actual, we encourage our viewers to double check train running information using the traditional train status search mechanism – also offered by TrainEnquiry.com,” explain the website.

At present, RailRadar is configured to update/refresh itself every 5 minutes. While the updates of the individual trains may vary based on the area where it is currently running. In any scenario, the location and status of the trains displayed on RailRadar will always be 5 or more minutes delayed.

“As the volume and complexity of information increases – we believe that new methods of information dissemination (associated with Trains and its running information) will be required. RailRadar is one such attempt on that line. We believe that value of information/directions can greatly be enhanced when presented graphically rather than just plain text,” explains the website.



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