Speak Asia online – Facts

Speak Asia Facts

Work from home and make money easily, mera beta is speak asia hai…..
nowdays everyone knows about speak asia online, it is singapore base registered company and doesnot have any register office in India.

After big (full page ads and during IPL-4) advertisements in a leading financial newspaper (ET Wealth Weekly) and TV channels, most of people thought this should be a legal business and I anyone can earn good amount because ads run on reputed channel.

There are many more (fraud) business like Speak Asia online, home based jobs, MLM in India.

Star News, Aaj Tak – Sab banege Carodpati exposed facts of Speak Asia

Also read this on Moneycontrol.
Speak Asia clarifies over wrongly claiming clients.

I really appreciate initiative of Moneylife on bringing to the light certain facts about Speak Asia is highly commendable. please read this – The Speak Asia money trail

I have few questions here to Speak Asia Managing Team:
1. What about income tax on the huge earnings of very few panellists.
2. Who will read their e-Magazine worth Rs 11000 a year? One of my friend has joined 3 months back but never seen that eMagazine (I think it’s there on home page of Speak Asia’s website)
3. Why Rs 11,000 is being offered for getting panellists. If it’s a survey company, should just be giving money for surveys to registered panellist.
4. They said that they have sold approx lakhs of android base mobile phones and LCD TV set in last month. I am sure that they gave those phones and LCDs free to panellists to attract more people in this schemes.
5. Speak Asia make payment of Rs 172.5 crores for 1 week surveys.. (Again that amount has made from panellist registration fees i.e. Rs 11,000).
6. I have seen Speak Asia’s survey details, they are meaningless … they require R&D base executive to create survey questionnaire…

I have added few links on my post above. hope that is enough you to decide whether you need to invest or not in Speak Asia. my advise to you, kindly stay away from this scam.

best regards

6 प्रतिसाद

  1. Why invest such huge amount, when you can join free and earn bigger amount of money.

    Earn Rs.10, 000 minimum per month doing online survey. No money to invest.

    An international market research company dedicated to providing their clients with the consumer information. Company having registered office at Singapore .Simply register to become a member & log in to your a/c and earns Rs.300 – 400 daily. The data that is collected through these surveys provides the companies with information on buying trends, consumer preferences and opinions regarding to improvements or new innovations of products and services.

    Only 10 minutes work every day.

    Its payment system is simple. Each month members can request cash payments made via check or PayPal (usually in local currency) or you can redeem the earnings for products also. Please click below:

    **** Free Signup . No joining fees
    **** Earn 500 per day means 500*30=15000 per month
    **** Easy payment system
    **** authorized indian company

    http://in.ipanelonline.com/register.html?inviter_id=661226 (For Indian citizens only)

  2. Star News mere kuch sawaal hai aapke liye

    1)doodh 2 Rs. or Petrol 5 Rs. mehenga hua aapne is badti mehengaai k liye kuch kiya

    2)agar Amitabh bacchan ko ek cheenk bhi aati hai to aap sabko dikhate ho or yahan hazaro gareeb bhooke mar jate hai kabhi unhe dikhaya

    3)aaj is badti mehengaai k badte chori khoon ki wardaaten bad rahi hai aapne kuch kiya

    4)aaj ek ghar me jinki aamdani 3000 Rs. mahina hai us ghar k bade log apne bacho ko bhar pait khana bhi nai khila paate is mehengaai k chalte aapne kuch kiya

    5)Jab delhi me koi bada neta sadak par nikalta hai apni car me to use pehele nikalne k liye k wo jaam me na fanse hamari trefic police sare me jaam laga deti hai unki side clear karne k liye k wo bade neta jaam me na fanse aapne aam admi k liye kuch kiya

    aise bohot sare sawwal hai jinke liye aapne kuch bhi nai kiya

    or aaj jab SPEAK ASIA logo ko jine ki nai rah de raha hai. hamari sarkaar jo logo ka khoon pi rahi hai usse ladne ki taakat de raha hai to aaj aap us takat ko aam logo se kyon chinna chahte hai..

    Please Please STAR NEWS dont do that Please band kijiye ye sab or jeene dijiye aam aadmi ko bhi….

    • hello Mr. Prashant Gola,

      I am agree with your comments, but surely Speak Asia is not the answer, you should try other reliable source. all the best.

      • Thnx yar speak asia ans de raha hai har baat ka but star news ne shayad soch liya hai k hum aam logo ko jine ka moka nahi denge mujhe lagta tha k media shayad logo ki bhali karta hoga or ab main sure hun k media sir or sirf apna 24 hours news channel chalana chahta hai chahe use aam logo ko apne pairo k neech rondna pade

  3. Hmari Sarkaar ne hame sirf mehengaai di hai or Speak Asia ne hame us Mehengaai se ladne ki taakt di hai Speak Asia ZINDAABAD…

  4. In the section E-bulletin, registered users can find e-magazines. On clicking “View” they can access the same. Speak Asia is registered in SINGAPORE, then no need to get the same registered in INDIA.

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