have you missed anything today?

Today have you missed anything….?

Hey we are just few days away to enter in year 2011.
Everyone is busy to make resolution and looking back to correct some mistake which has been made I 2010.
Most of the time i am thinking, in a day we are doing many things like machine does.

My observation on daily things which we cannot skips and no1 come to remind us to do:
Woke up from bed at early morning (i hate to, but never missed for the reason to do not attend office, all my leaves are pre-planned/or few are due to sickness of fmly member)
Attend nature’s call (this changes person 2 person’s habit)
Brushing teeth (thanks to my niece, for twice a day)
Bathing (…at least I have never skipped in last many years, i dont know about you)
Checking cell phone for text messages and missed calls (most of the time at 2.00 am to 4.00am)
Prepaid Cellphone customer’s are checking balance by default (at least twice or many times after finishing outgoing call or sending text)
Talking with customer Care Executive (CCE) without any major reason (nowdays calls are are chargeable (not free), so people doesn’t have any reason to talk with CCE)
Writing wall (updating tweeter) from some1’s text (just use ctrl + C and ctrl + V function from web browser) – few people tweets without using ctrl + C and ctrl + V.
Checking friends wall o FB (this is applicable for FB user, i am sure you must have FB account and doing same thing atleast for 20minutes for day)
While walking (passing) on road, we never forget to snippets to others (doesnt matter who is the other person , human beings are most interested in others rather himself)
Putting comments of other’s blog post (without any reason, why blog owner wants your unwanted suggestion)
Check emails (average three times in 24 hours time) Never received any Letter or post card/inland envelope Letters from relative/friends (still s/he wanted to check EMAILS to rear forwarded emails, 5% users are exceptional) …..ha ha ha 🙂
Lots of people have habit to check wallet continuously (how many rupees I have, doing calculation throughout a day) to counting money.
Checking bank balance (through net banking) – at least once in a day (i have seen many people, they still do)
There are many habits will much with human beings, for me its matches most of the time with human being.
I have write more here, but really do not have much time to phrase now. will update more in next time (in 2011)
Will need your help with your habits, please do not forget to put your habit as comment.

Wish you healthy and successful year ahead.

Warm regards

PS: this is my observation with many men (any adults older than 15years ). Any (all females) girl outside the house (this you can ask any female)

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