Tips and tricks – to write attractive Blog (post)

Make/create your writing style like professionals, it is not difficult, if you are really serious about making money from your web log. Most of bloggers are popular who are writing Subject and article posts in conversational manner.

If you follow the style of successful blogger’s then you(r blog) will get more traffic to your blog, for that you need to maintain/create (own) style to write.

You can develop yourself while blogging, here i will suggest to read blogs.

Subject line is important
it will help reader to quick decision to read/click your post or not. Create most interesting punch line for your post, so reader can be attracted to your post to click.

Purpose of writing
in first paragraph, tell reader what is the purpose of subject/post and why s/he should read continuously your post. basically your blog reader require the reason to read your post.

Title require for paragraph
Use our school ka funda here, avoid writing lengthy paragraphs. create 2-3 paragraphs instead longer para.
Try to create title for each paragraphs it will increase the interest of readers.

Short sentences
keep in mind, use short sentences, do not write like we speak (or explaining to others). short sentence will keep interests of readers continuously.

Use visuals
Pictures are speaking louder than words. so i request you to use post related visual/picture/photo/graphics, if

you are using copyrighted images do not forget to credit to owners. and the visual will help reader to read post much comfortably
If you are using clipart or graphics, then maintain color combination inline with your blog(website). Most important thing is while naming to your add-on (media) image use post related names, that will help you to divert traffic from search-engine.

Golden rule
Do not forget reader’s interests, and write post to keep them in your mind. Once you get this right, the rest falls into place.

Break the rules, ad write the way you want. All the best wishes for successful blogger.

best regards

PS: on your blog create “blogroll” and link your own blog with interesting blogs and if reader found your blog is very interesting and have interesting link they will surely bookmark your web log.


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