Mr. Ratan Tata: is he clean?

Almost completed two decades of leading a world famous business empire the name of which is revered by most Indians
We cannot believe Mr. Ratan Tata did this or at least had something to do with the scams. it is a very disappointment and shameful for India.

No even I do not have the answer and have only question, I am sure you must have the answer. Or May you do not have answer like me. Just below the post I have added one URL, I hope you will get direction to answer above question

For me it’s very difficult question to answer, while surfing on internet got some informative link. and would like to share with wordpress readers.


Post by Girish Nikam Is Ratan Tata as clean as he claims: Why is Niira Radia talking to Karunanidhi’s wife?




4 प्रतिसाद

  1. I am sure, Tata is not the benificiary in this scam

    • as i told in my post, i do not have the answer, and i am sure Mahendra, we do not know most of the things. nowdays Nira Radia & Mr. Tata’s tape’s created controversy, you can check the VDO’s on youtube. need to google her name with Mr. Tata.

  2. yah! I have listened some tapes. She did speak with Ratan Tata, but no where extra benifits are implicated by her or Mr Tata.
    In case you have come across some tapes confirming Ratan Tata’s involvedment in 2G Scam, please send me the link.

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