Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) on Thursday, 9 December, 2010, on the eve of International Anti-Corruption Day, launched an exclusive website to Expose Corruption, called ‘Vig-Eye‘ (short for ‘vigilance eye’) to expose corruption in India.

The web portal would enable citizens to upload video/audio clips directly from their mobile phones exposing corruption in government departments (Login require).

Addressing a seminar on ‘ Empowering citizens to combat corruption’, P J Thomas (Central vigilance commissioner), who himself facing a legal challenge to his appointment, launched the website on Thursday, 9 December. “Vig-Eye provides a simplified process to file complaints.

The complainants will also be able to access the status of their complaints (from website). And the advantage of Vig-Eye includes a simplified process of filing complaints and it will provide authentic identity of the complainant. Vig-Eye would be completely digitised and it will give online access to vigilance information” he said at a seminar.

The important features of Project Vigeye are:
1. Citizens have multiple channels to air their grievances and complaints to CVC .
a) Through their mobile phones: by downloading the mobile application from the CVC website. The complaints can be better articulated with additional data like audio/ video/ photo evidence from their mobiles directly.
b) Through the internet: by filling up the complaint form online they can attach audio/video/photo evidence.
c) Through telephone: help line have been setup.

2. The entire complaint processing is done online, in digital form, enabling fast and accurate processing of complaints.
3. The concerned CVO will interact with the complainant directly over phone/email or in person, as the case may be, to take it forward.
4. Status of the complaint is communicated back to the complainant – the communication loop becomes complete.

The (Audio/Video) files uploaded by user on web portal will be taken up by the commission for further enquiries. The new portal would enable even common man to carry out a sting operation (lets cross the fingers).

Project Vigeye ‘Vig-Eye’ would provide the user-friendly platform for citizens so that they can disclose information on illegal activities. In order to file a complaint, citizens just need to download a mobile application software from the CVC website.

Project Vigeye (Vigilance Eye) is a citizen-centric initiative, wherein citizens join hands with the Central Vigilance Commission in fighting corruption in India.
Project Vigeye is the platform through which vigilance information flows freely through common public, the government agencies and the vigilance commission, making it possible to achieve a step jump in improving the corruption index of the nation.

You can send a blank SMS or “VIGEYE” to 09223174440 to get an SMS containing the registration link in your mobile. You have to register first, before filing a complaint.

How to Become a VIGEYE
The term Vigeye refers to a person who is a vigilant citizen, a volunteer and one who helps the vigilance commission reporting corruption and in fighting it.
Vigeyes are those who file complaints and their greivances of corruption with supporting evidences to the CVC.
A Vigilant citizen can become a Vigeye by registering in the CVC website, by providing credentials such as name, email and phone number.
•Register for web complaints here Register web.
•Register for Mobile complaints here Register mobile.

Registration for Mobile Vigeye
1. Click on the mobile register link
2. Enter name, address, mobile number and handset model, and email (optional)
You will receive application link by SMS.

Mobile Complaint
A complaint can be filed through the mobile phones to the CVC. The application downloaded from the CVCs websites enables mobile users to file complaints with photo, or a voice recording, or a video or a note from the mobile. The complaint is uploaded using the GPRS connectivity.

The complainant may choose the Organization and nature of the complaint for effective categorization and assignment of the complaint. The complaint is forwarded to the concerned CVO and the complainant is updated with the status. The complainant can login with your registered mobile number and password to view the status of all the complaints filed.

Register for Mobile complaints here Register mobile.

Web Complaint

A complaint can also be filed through the internet through the CVC Web Complaints System. You need to register in the CVC website. The textual content of the complaint can be enriched with additional information by attaching upto 5 files (such as photo, audio, video, documents) along with the complaint.
Register for web complaints here Register web.

More details, please contact

Another Project by CVC.

The Project Vigeye-GPMS has the following components:
■ Online Global Project Management System (GPMS)
■ Remote Eye Monitoring System (REMS)
■ Intelligence Report Generation System (IRGS)
■ Online Help Desk
■ Scan and do Data Entry
■ Task Management

While the GPMS serves as the main repository of information regarding various projects, the REMS will be used for capturing data from the field, such as photographs, audio/video, comments and signatures of witnesses, etc. through mobile phones and uploading the same to the GPMS in an automated manner. Once the field data capture is complete, the IRGS generates various intelligence reports, documenting all the related data for each project. The same can be viewed online.

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