complimentary copy of Media Market Guide 2010

Get complimentary copy of Media Market Guide 2010 from Media direction.

RK SWAMY Media Group has published the Tenth edition of its Media Market Guide 2010, a comprehensive pocket handbook widely used across the advertising and media industry as a valuable and handy reference book.

This small 126-page, Media Market Guide offers relevant information on markets and media data in a crunchy and accessible format and this is most handy reference tool. You can carry everywhere you go.

According to PRP Nair, Senior Advisor, RK SWAMY BBDO, “The pocket guide is always useful when you need to access information during meetings with clients and colleagues. The growing demand for the Guide each year has only encouraged us to improve on the content and the value it brings to its users.”
RK SWAMY BBDO makes the Media Market Guide available free to few clients and media owners.

Professionals interested in this may write from their official mail id with their name, designation and contact number to to avail FREE copy.

After email confirmation from EA you need to send your person to collect from Media Direction’s office.


PS: I just collected my complimentary copy of Media Market Guide 2010.

Source: DNAMoney (Newspaper) page no 13.


3 प्रतिसाद

  1. kindly send media book

  2. i hope this 10th edition is better and helpful

  3. yes its nice and content is useful.

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