RTI – Online FREE Certificate

RTI – Online FREE Certificate

Registrations are Open for OCC_RTI

15day FREE online certificate course on RTI (Right to Information Act)

Department of personnel and training under the ministry of personnel, public grievances and pensions offers a free 15-day online certificate course on Right to Information (RTI) Act, 2005.

About Right to Information?
Simply put, it is a right given to every Indian citizen, including a minor, to seek information from a government authority. It can be used to get information in many matters, right from how public authorities function to why individuals haven’t received their income-tax refunds on time.
The RTI Act, is applicable all over India, excluding Jammu and Kashmir.

Any Indian citizen can enroll for this course. The course is available 24 hours a day. To access course, you need a computer with an Internet connection.

You need to ensure that your computer has Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or a more advanced browser (i.e. Chrome, IE-6 & above) to access the course online. You would also need Acrobat Reader to be view the content of the course; if you do not have in your computer you can download Foxit (from below link of cgg) to view the content.

• Please ensure that you have Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or above as your browser to access the course.
• You will also require PDF Reader to be able to view the content. You could also use FoxIt/Adobe Acrobat to view the content.
• If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat Reader or Foxit installed on your computer system, you can download FoxIt by clicking on the appropriate link appearing at the bottom of this page or at the bottom of the window where the content is to appear.
• Please do not share your “User ID” and “Password” with anybody. More than one person accessing the application with the same “User ID” and “Password” can adversely affect the functioning of the application.

The Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT), Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, Government of India (GoI) has launched an ‘Online Certificate Course on RTI’ for various stakeholders on, both, the demand and supply sides of the RTI implementation regime.

This Online Certificate Course on RTI is launched in association with the Centre for Good Governance, Hyderabad.

This Online Certificate Course is aimed at:

• Public Information Officers (PIOs)
• Assistant Public Information Officers (APIOs)
• Appellate Authorities
• Officials assisting the above designated officers or other public officials
• Citizens
• Representative of Civil Society Organisations (including Media Organisations)
• Any other person(s) who could be a direct / indirect stakeholder

The objectives of this Online Certificate Course on RTI are:
• Reaching out to those who have not had an opportunity to participate in any training / sensitisation initiatives on RTI Act, 2005
• Bringing greater clarity on RTI among designated implementing officials (i.e. APIOs / PIOs / FAOs)
• Ensuring appreciation for RTI Act, 2005 and its mandate among the officials designated under it and also among the citizens
• Facilitating timely delivery of information by PIOs
• Having better informed citizens, civil society and other stakeholders

The outcomes proposed for this initiative are:
• A sound knowledge of the provisions of the RTI Act, 2005 among the people taking this course
• Good understanding of the roles and responsibilities of organisations / persons concerned with implementing the law and with enforcing the rights under this law
• Proper appreciation of rights / obligations – as applicable – for effective use of this right
• Reliable guidance on following the right process / procedure to implement the provisions of this Act and to benefit from this Act
• Good understanding of remedies available when an implementing organisation fails to comply with this Act
• Testing the understanding of ‘Information Providers’ and ‘Information Seekers’ using this tool for implementing this Act or exercising their right under it
• A certificate for learners of this course on its successful completion – as an incentive

To register yourself, please visit


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  1. plz post me more information for RTI free online course and some information for how the in RTI and how to work in RTI.
    and some information of what is the type of exam and what is the study materiel of RTI exam please help me
    Devesh Sharma
    email:- simplevats3060@gmail,@yahoo.com, @rediffmail.com

  2. You can provide good information This Certificate Courses are very well suited for both working professionals and students who are looking for career enhancement.

  3. sirs,
    I want to do the online 15 days certificate course in rti,plz send the necessary details.

    Adarsh kumar


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