i’m Valued

you are a valuable Internet user

I’m Valued, a project of IMRB India which is a pioneer in market research has come up with this unique project where user will get rewards for using internet service.
Last time when they started this research lots of people have won prizes like A vacation package for 2 adults, Sleek Cell Phones, DVD Player with 50 movies, MP3 player, Wrist Watches, Sports Gear and other free goodies. This time they have come with much bigger project so i am sure you guyz will get something for sure.

How It works:
Download simple software and install in your system. After installation, whenever you intend to use the Internet, you need to login with the login-id and password provided by IMRB.
No need to worry as it will not take much of your data usage nor memory usage but just captures which all pages you visit, through web browser, and for that they surely reward you with gifts every now and then

What you will get

Assured gifts twice in a year
A chance to win in a raffle every month
Warm and fuzzy feeling of helping us to understand your online behaviour
Refer a friend and you get a chance to win additional benefits if your friend activates the application

“I Am Valued” Raffles: You will automatically be considered to win a raffle every month just for being a part of this program. Once you have joined, you can refer family and friends to join us and receive additional benefits. 100 winners would be chosen each month and they will have a chance to win

• A vacation package for 2 adults
• Sleek Cell Phones
• DVD Player with 50 movies
• MP3 player
• Wrist Watches
• Sports Gear

please click here to join now, (http://www.iamvalued.in)

warm regards


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