My Professional Career Profile


Here is my Resume please help me to find job as a Graphic Designer.

I believe, have the skills that you are seeking and would like to be considered for this position.
Have extensive layout and design experience and enjoy working on precise, detailed projects. In addition, I possess over 11 years of experience in both printing processes (pre-production and post production), Four (CMYK) and Special (Pantone) color, camera work, and desktop publishing applications.

I am highly organized and adept at meeting tight deadlines that are so common in our industry.

Attached updated resume detailing my previous work experience and educational background is enclosed for your review. I look forward to discussing this further with you and reviewing the needs of your company in greater detail

Contact Number (Home): +91 98691 12390

Highest Education : Completed Post Graduate Diploma in Cyber Law from Asian School of Law, Pune
Joining Time- 7days

Digamber Tawde
+91 98336 38705

Professional Reference:

PS: Due to downsizing at I have ended my relationship with EMP. I wish all my colleagues that remain all my best. And now I start my search for a new position as a Graphic Designer.

Time to crank up the networking heat!

Now i am doing Freelance job.


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