No Plastic Pledge

Stop Plastic From Taking Over!

Take the NO MORE PLASTIC! Pledge. Make a promise that you’ll stop using and
buying plastics!

NO MORE PLASTIC! means thinking before you buy! STOP buying products
wrapped in plastic or delivered in plastic bottles, and STOP using plastic bags
offered at stores you visit.

Plastic gets into the waterways and harms sea turtles, birds, and other animals.
Plastic lasts for a really long time. If you throw a plastic bag or bottle into the trash,
it’s going to stay in a landfill forever–for thousands of years. If you recycle plastic, it
can be used to make new plastics using up fewer natural resources.

So Bag the Bag
Plastic bags have been banned in several cities around the world. But don’t wait for
a ban, stop using them now! Bring your reusable bags with you when you shop for
food, toys, school supplies, and well, everything!

Take the NO MORE PLASTIC! Pledge

I want to keep the leatherback sea turtles and all animals safe from plastic trash.

I _________________ pledge that I will not buy or use products that
contain or are delivered in plastic!

When there is no other option, I will always recycle, reuse, or throw the
plastic in a trash container.

To pledge online, sign in to comment with your I AGREE (Or print a copy of the pledge to share with your classmates or post at home on your fridge!)

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