each Indian girl become pati instead of patni

Soon each school going child girls become pati instead patni at the age of 18

It not a joke…… its based on realism

I found this information on internet on one Indian politician party’s website; nowadays politician party’s also have their own website to attract voters. Indian politicians are going net savvy. Its good for us (Indian). At least, because of that reason they need to check, what they did for Indian people, what kind of work they done for people.

I checked many party’s website, they are talking in air, they all are busy to creating future not the present, what they will do after getting seat on Lok Sabha (LS), how they will help Indian people to making there lives easy with the technology. (And I am sure it will be on paper only, there are “many” works they have to do before helping people [they have to look for his/her own family]).

Mr. L. K. Advani, has his own website, and I found nice scheme for Indian girl, below are the details:

Scheme name: Ladli Laxmi Yojana

How it will works:

Governement will invest Rs6,000 for each girl, and that girl will get
Rs,2000 when she will go to 5 th standard,
Rs4,000 when she will go to 8th standard
Rs7,500 when she will go to 10th standard
Rs200 per month when she will start to study in 11th standard
Rs1,18,000 when she turn to age of 18 years (she will go to 12th standard)

At the age of 18 every Indian girl will become a (lakh)pati.

It’s a nice scheme for Indian women specially the people who are below poverty, and also it will help to increase the number of womens, i hope at least this could be the reason to enter in this world for girl.

I hope it helps to all Indian (each school going child girl) women.

Let’s hope for best.



One Response

  1. i hope this work, not like the previous promises which he made. (provided he gets elected)

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