Two days at Karla (Lonavala)

Yes… it’s been decided, each every1 has to contribute Rs350 (including traveling and food) and we are going to Ekveera (Karla, near Lonavala).

Thanks Arun for took the responsibility to cook food for entire group during the picnic and made delicious dishes. You are great chef. 

Also a thanks goes to Avinash (for his vehicle), Sachin / Sameer Mhatre for his good quality sound boxes.

And special thanks to Ritesh, Dinesh, Sameer, Naresh, Avinash and Arun to join us for trip.

Day 1, February 27, 2008.

We planed to start the traveling at 6pm, and every1 gathered at Avis’ place, Sameer took the driver seat, and we started on schedule from Ayre Road (Dombivli). As committed Arun has prepared the Chicken and Mutton for us. And also we ordered 15 Bhakri’s for today’s dinner.

We are on the way of Mumbai-Pune expressway for Karla. One member in our group want to get booze for himself, and asked (actually ordered… ) Sameer to search for the Beer Shoppe…… and finally we found the Beer Shoppe at Kalamboli and he (one member of our group) bought 2 beers.

Now Avi got the steering in his hand and he love to speed his own vehicle… And our vehicle getting speed-up (~100 km/h) on 4 lane expressway …..
Here other member are having beer sip while getting freak of speed.

After 19 minutes we passed the Lonavala and in next 3 minutes we reached at Karla, we were searching for the room to stay at Karla…. And after 3 attempts we found (really) nice and clean place to spend night at Karla.

We parked the vehicle in front of lodge and settled with our luggage in the room, Avi, Ritesh and Arun was trying to set our DJ (sound) system, Naresh wants to keep talking continuously on his cell…. And he was enjoying the conversation (while he was on roaming), Sameer asked to every1 to contribute the money for buying the Beer bottles and Liquor.

Finally, sameer got enough amounts to buy what they want, meanwhile Arun also collected the money from me for soft drinks, Arun bought the Appy Fiz and Ice chilled Thums-UP.

Sameer bought 1 bottle of Rum and 4-5 bottles Beer.

Here, Avi, Arun and Ritesh had fixed the sound successfully before we came back from outside.
Clock was showing the time of 9.30pm and we have to prepare the rice for dinner, Ritesh was busy to lighten stove and Avi and Arun helped him to make rice.

With in few minutes our food was ready to eat…hmm… but now no one wants to eat food they want to fuddle before the dinner.

Ever 1 took the place for and enjoying the drinks.

Me and Arun were having the sip of Appy fiz, and rest of members are enjoying with hard drinks. …..
With delicious chicken.

And soft music playing with low volume…..

Arun suggested for playing the cards while sipping drinks, and me, Arun, Ritesh and Sameer set the table for playing cards.

We started the game of 21 cards Rummy (the name of game).

At 11.30pm the rest of member finished the drinks and food also, and they went for nap.

We finished our 1st round of game at 12.30am and had our dinner in the morning.

Food was ultimate tasty we really enjoyed the food.

After food, we started to playing cards once again with the rummy

Day 2, February 28, 2008.

At 3.30am we went to sleep after finished our playing card game.

At 6.45am we woke up and getting ready to visit Ekveer devi temple. Guys, trust me, we all are ready by 7.25am to go, one of our member went alone for ekveera temple, we all are reached at 8am to half of route by (road) vehicle, and half route we have to climb up for ekveera temple. At 8.15am (yes at 8.15am) we reached at the top of temple, because of Saturday, we got the direct darshan without any queue of devotee.

We met the school student on the top of temple, they were came from Aurangabad for picnic, we got few pictures in our album you can check the photo album, we will provide the link for you at the bottom of this post.
We came down and buy some green vegetables, and also bought the chicken for lunch.

Now we have lot of time….. again we set our table for Rummy, and Avi want to make veg food (subji-dal-chawal). He cooked veg food, after that Arun prepared the chicken leg pieces and breast portion fried to eat, While playing Ritesh accepted the challenge make the Rum bottle empty, and we had the confidence he will surely finished the bottle easily.

At 1pm we had our lunch and within 30 minutes we started to the traveling for Mahad (yes we are going to Ganpati Temple). Sameer got the control of steering in his hand; we buy some Chikki’s and Chocolate Fudge for family members.

At 2.40pm we reached the Ganpati Temple, here also we did not find any crowed of devotee for Ganpati darshan.

On the road we had giant watermelon, and reached safely at Dombivli around 5.30pm

We can say it was nice and scheduled picnic ever we had.

Here is the link for our memories, kindly visit to


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