Y not Wednesday…?

Y not Wednesday…?

I have proud as an Indian. I am not the against with Slumdog’s success.

Only the question is why the Slumdog millionaire is nominated for Oscar / Golden globe award and why not the Wednesday movie?

In Wednesday; Nasurddin had got the ultimate role to play as a common man. And I think he played with his 100% efforts. Also co-actors worked well in Wednesday.

Also the movie directed well and it also related to Mumbai like Slumdog.

I would like to see, Hollywood movies are nominating for Oscar Award and Wednesday is among of them.

What you think? Do you agree with my post?

Please leave your comments.




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  1. I perfectly agree..Wednesday is an outstanding movie
    It deserves the best.

    But I think, it takes some kids, poverty display, street life,gross display and some other ingradients for Oscar nomination..Or atleast I believe so..

    Wednesday may not fit the bill and this is absolutely wrong..

    By the way, I have posted new entry on


    • Hi Nachiket,

      Thanks for writing your valuable comments on my post.

      If you believe on this…. Then it must be true and that is the reason they have made Slumdog in reality. ….. and our Indian government/ police/court and many people who is related to run our India (including politician / human rights wale and aam aadmi too).

      U know there are many girls are kidnapped by them and they become prostitutes, there are people who is making life miserable of innocent childrens (removing eye with Spoon).

      Any ways….. its not our butter of bread.

      We are a common man and we do not have right to think much ….



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