a day to celebrate with valentine, hpy valentine day

hmmm… today is Feb 14… yes..its a Valentine Day..
its a day to express love with the valentine … ..!
No, its a day to spend the time with love1….

Now days its a very easy to express love feelings with love1.

Phone (Mobile) calls, SMS, MMS, emails, Orkut scraps, send flowers
bouqout, exchange special gifts, chocolates, or we can send red rose…
through we can express love

In today’s fast life, nobody want to celebrate the valentine day on Feb
14, because it come once in a year… (really all want to celebrate
this day through the whole year… on each day… (u can ask most of
people, why the entire world celebrating the valentine day…? most of
dont know who is valentine? and they dont bother abt that).
and there are many of them are waiting for Feb 14 to celebrate v-day.

Find nice friend, in friend find true love, know each other, get
married with love1, and enjoy whole life in love with the
responsibilities of family/society.

i wish you all very happy valentine day for all 365 days.

thanks for reading my post on blogs.



PS: today i received nice SMS from my old (yes old, i can not say best,
but he’s in by best buddy list) friend, his name is Raju (working with

LOVE (its in ASCII)
Love is not made for lovers;
its made for friends who love each other better than lovers!

Happy Valentine Day.


Thanks Raju for nice SMS (& being my best friend) sharing with me on

Feb 14. u r the Best.

take care

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