Tour on bike

Sunday: a day for weekly off.

I woke without any special plan for day. i had breakfast at home and came down at our regular place (I used to call ‘naka’) at 11am. I checked on my cell it was beeping with incoming call……….

I answered call and decided to go to Mhasa (this is the name of village, near to Murbad) with Arun (my friend). Arun reached there in next 5 minutes. And we arranged one bike from Ravi, (as we bothe do now own any vehicle, we decide to borrow form our common friend, Thanks Ravi for your bike), Ravi gave the permission with his bike’s key. We started our journey at 11.50am, meanwhile Vilas Kene also started traveling with his family for Mhasa. We meet Vilas and his family at Badlapur, we butchered Two hens for our lunch. We have plan to cook at Mhasa.

We reached at 4.25pm to Mhasa, we park our vehicles and stand in queue to enter in temple of Khamb Lingeshwar (it’s another name of Lord Shankar).

We entered in temple in next 20minutes there was no rush for temple, after darshan of lord khamb Lingeshwar we went to Fair (very famous for fair). People are come here to shop. We also enjoyed lot in fair, after few hours we tired and came back to near our vehicles, and started to cook Chicken and rice for our lunch…. We all are starving …. And just kill time till khana is ready.

At 6.30pm we are ready to eat, we had chicken curry and rice to eat.

After eating our food we start to travel back for our home, we started at 7.45pm and we reached at 9.30pm at Dombivli, we were on Bike so we reached 15minutes before.

Jai mhasoba (people are saying this fair is famous with name of ‘Mhasoba chi jatra’

Thanks for reading my blog

Best regards with luv


4 प्रतिसाद

  1. I am the resident of mhasa village.
    the fair comes in month of ‘january’.
    we all go to the fair and enjoy .there is also ‘bail bazar’
    in fair.
    my village name is Ambegaon where I leave proper
    it is very near by Mhasa.Jai mhasoba (people are saying this fair is famous with name of ‘Mhasoba chi jatra’.
    There is ‘Parampaar’ people talk to Mhasoba some thing if this turns into true the people Hook themself
    called ‘Gali’.
    This our Mhasa fair.

    Thanks for reading my blog

    Best regars with love


    • Dear Samir,

      Thanks for reading my blog, I had been to fair, and I am visiting every year to Masoba fair.

      Its nice to hear that you are from the same place. I really did not understand why you have commented on my post…? can you write more so I can understand what you want to say.


  2. my self manohar kathore.resident of Ambegaon village.which is situated near MHASA village about 3km .Mhasa yatra is famous in maharashtra.There is a temple of “KHAMB LINGESHWAR MANDIR”.
    Mhasa is village near Murbad.there are special travel service provide by ST MANDAL.”MHASA MHASA LAVKAR BASA”. many peoples are come from different Regions.for different perpose.there are “BAIL BAJAR ,BHENDI BAJAR, “.FAMOUS FOOD IS WADAPAW.mhsa yatra means one of the famous festival for mhasa areq\as people.

    Near the mhasa village there is ”VIR HUTATMA BHAI KOTVAL SHIDHHAGAD JOT”.SHIDDHAGAD.

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