Donate for Wikipedia

Request to donate for Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is among of the world’s most popular site, they are asking for financial support from all over world. They require fund to give the salary for company employees.

Wikipedia is founded in 2003 by Jimmy Wales and its run by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation. Wikidpedia has 23 peoples staff and over 150,000 volunteers to sharing knowledge. Volunteers have contributed over 11mn articles in 265 languages.

Every month more than 275mn internet users accessing the information from Wikipedia website and it’s a free information without any interrupt (ad free information).

We want this informative website keep alive and accessible to all worlds. And for that Wikipedia needs fund.

Please do donate as you can to Wikipedia. They need support of thousands of people like you.

Here is the link to donate ( )

Kindly request to all your friends, colleagues, and relative to donate fund for worlds largest informative ads free encyclopedia (Wikipedia).

Thanks for reading my blog.

Best regards


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