Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!!

One more holiday for me, no office.

There is nothing special for Christmas, and do not have (Christan) special friends’ to celebrate Christmas with them.

Still we had decided to make some enjoyment to celebrate the Christmas festival with our friends (group).

In the Morning, I have started my computer for some work, and its showing problem in booting. I tried thrice but it’s not loading the OS windows at all.

I had struggled to start, and then I decided to reload new OS on c:

I search the CD for windows and inserted into CD drive, and changed the bootable device to CD drive instead Hard drive.

And it has started to boot from CD drive, I was happy while installing the new OS.

After processing the installation I found the error (i.e., c: is corrupt and disc is damaged), then I tried on another drive (F:), again I got same error.

Now, what to do………?

Then I called Ritesh, and we had decided to dump my all data to his hard disc and we will format my hard drive for new partition and new OS.


We connected my hard drive to Riteshs’ PC, and his machine detected my hard drive easily. We were happy for moment, because virtually its showing the data on his computer, when you clicked on my drive, it also showing the all contains (folder), but you can not make copy and paste, because Ritesh’s system get stuck while coping the data.

Since morning I was spent my time to recover my OS and data.

I checked on watch its showing 7:40pm……………………….

Now what…… no sense to make anything with PC…. Now its not my cup of tea… we need to give the assignment to some expertise. And we wind up and went to our naka…..

Nothing special on outside… we decided to wait on naka till 9pm, no celebration for Christmas…. A whole day we wasted….

No wine, no dine. No cakes

Merry Christmas to all of you. I hope you all had blast on x-mas.


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