Visit to Paradise – 1

Hello friend,


Finally the day com to visit paradise.


Yeah, today early morning we started from Dombivli for Jammu, we reach here at 7am for Swaraj Express. It’s (ooo oooo huh u hu)  cold here in Mumbai and we are going to get freeze after one day in Kashmir.


I will try to update my blog from ice, 🙂


We are going for eleven days trip; here is the schedule for next eleven days:


December 11:  starting from 7:55am (Swaraj express) boarding at Bandra

December 12:  will reach Jammu at 02:40pm (depend on trains schedule)

December 13: we will visit the Vashnav devi temple

December 14:  will do some rest and shopping in Kashmir

December 15:  will catch the train for New Delhi at 08:40 pm (Uttar Samparkkranti Exp) from Jammu

December 16:  morning 6am we will reach to delhi,

December 17:  will travel by metro train, visit lotus temple, Rajpath, india gate, pragati maidan, birla temple,

December 18: will go to Agra, taj mahal, shahajahan mahal, Fatephur Sikri


December 19: (red fort  – not important), and in evening we will move to Gwalior

December 20: Gwalior city, Gazak (famous) sweet, khajuraho – from Gwalior 160km, surya mandir, hanuman temple, sindhiya’s wada (palace),


December 21: we will start travel to come back to Mumbai at 02 pm (by Mangla Express)

December 22: we will reach Kalyan railway station by 8.40am


I will keep updating my blog with more details.





PS: I’m in paradise.  🙂 Roaming on ice, freezing here…. 🙂


One Response

  1. Tareeeeeeeeeeeeeech,

    I was wondering why your mobile is not reaching.

    Good to hear on blog that ur journey is begin. Pl update on your tour later or here.

    Mitra, Our Riddhi is also in Jammu, she is gone to visit Vaishnav Temple.

    Digi, Mala na burf aan……………….Please!

    Thk u in advance


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