Evening with star of Zee TV (sa re ga ma pa)



After so many days I got the time to write on my blog, I was dam busy with office work. Even I could not make time to do some packing for myself (I am going out of station in this week for 11 days, don’t worry I will keep dusting on my blog)


Saturday, we had nice time in the evening, we went for ZEE tv’s show (it’s a promotional show foe Zee Sa re ga ma pa’s participants) at 7.30 pm it’s started with Debojit, Yashika, Aasma, and Vaishali.


Fortune Group, has organized the program at SV Joshi School (Dombivli), also they are organizing one more program at DNC School (Dombivli) on January 11, 2009.


Above singers are came for the promotion of Sa re ga ma pa program.


Debojit: he has good voice; he has lot of talent for singing


Yashika: she knows how to stick the audience on chair to listen her own songs


Aasma: she is from Arabic and she learned hindi language when she stepped in India. She is very cute and has ultimate voice to sing songs.


Vaishali: marthi girl, she sung songs with public demand; she used to ask audience and sung accordingly.




It was really nice evening we had enjoyed with Zee Tv’s singer (yes they r…).


I would like to wish them all the best for bright future.







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