Please be there to show your support

Hello Friends


Be a part of the movement, if you really want to stop these politicians for showing apathy and looking for votes even in a situation like this.


Something to show we are not talking this lying down. Something which can tell the leaders and politicians that we want our safety instead the dirty politics.  

Let our city be run professionally by the corporate’s.


A nameless, leaderless movement (for India), we do not want any politician to lead; we all are professional to lead India.  

Let’s show them how many we are and how angry, tired and frustrated we are.


Let’s all come together at Gateway of India coming Wednesday, December 3, 2008 at 06 pm, let’s ask for what’s our right… to live fearlessly.


If you believe you can be responsible for that change, and then be a part of it! 

It’s a invitation to all Indian.


Be there show the spirit of energy. 

Jai hind!!!


Warm regards 

Saluting to the Brave hearts we pay tribute to the ATS chief, NSG and the police officers who lost their lives fighting for us (Mumbai).

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