Who is responsible?

Who is responsible?


Since last 3 days our Mumbai got attacked by terrorist. Terrorist has police van they roaming in south Mumbai without any hesitation. And they have thrown the grenade and doing gun firing.


What do you think…? Who is the responsible for this terrorist attack….?

I know you are so smart and you must know the answer of above question.


Even all Mumbaikar know the answer. And still we are supporting to them. As we know here from junior person to most of senior person has got the money. And still they are not taking the responsibility for Terrorist attack.


Terrorist has all the information with the hi-tech weapons. They are much talented than our rescue team.


I think now it is a time to tell them Pleas stop corruption and save Mumbai (not Mumbai, sorry) save India.


Be Indian


Thank you for reading my blog, keep reading.


You may write to digamber@changeindia.in

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