Life without wife…

Life without wife…


Water, water, every where,
Nor any drop to drink.


Girl girls are everywhere

Not any single girl to marry




Yeah…. this is my life’s problem….


I told to my mom to search gal for me to get marry… and my mom could not found any single girl, almost a year completed since she has started to search the gal.


My mom has lot of selection criteria for her daughter-in-law.

Here are the few:

My mom wanted a fair girl (as I am with dark complexion)

She should do job (service)

She has the degree (like BA, Bcom)

She must know how to cook food

She belongs to our caste (hindu family)

She should stay in join family instead nuclear family. (Because we are staying in join family)

She not elder than me                  

My mom wanted to match the Kundli (a patrika which made by Astrologer)



And for me

A girl and has a qualification (at least) up to graduate. (And still I am single in this global village)


You all are thinking I have not met any girl in my life…….


No I met few girl (s) ….. Those all are ok till friendship….and when I asked for marriage….. They were said NO (simply they all have valid reason from their own prospective to say No)


Now……. I am depending on mom….. I hope my mom found girl 9for me) the way she wants……


Is any one around to help to search the girl for me….? Please do write

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