Free Sample at ur doorstep

Get Free Sample of Colgate Total 12 Toothpaste

Hey guys,

Its free, you need give your postal address and you will get the sample tooth paste from Colgate, here you go for free sample

I received the sample pack from Colgate by courier in 23days at my home address.

Brush your teeth regularly and keep your smile longer.

My daddy strongest ……….

Keep smiling & visiting my blog for Information.

3 प्रतिसाद

  1. Please Not that They Not Given Any Free Sample
    This Is fRaud comments Which They Do Anly For Data Collection
    Please Be Cautions From This Site
    This Is corrupted Site And Fraud Site

    • Hello Rakesh Kumar,

      Thanks for your comments on my post, its my personal experience and I have received the toothpaste sample from Colgate in 23 days by courier at my residence.

      How you can say this is the fraud comments on my blog. It’s my blog and I am writing on my experience. I hope u will also receive the sample from Colgate.

      and may be you are right, they are giving the sample because of data collection.


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