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Internet connection application to BSNL

Hello friends,

Thanks to visit my blog to read my post. Today I am writing my experience on BSNL internet connection. Its not yet connected to home computer.

May 21, 2008: I applied for broadband internet connection at MIDC telephone Exchange (Dombivli), and after 4months I called to Nandivali Exchange (where we can enquire about any landline problem) in month of August to enquire for internet connection (like how much time they will take to make connection at my home).

I dialed the 288XXXX and asked about the telephone exchange, one (really) sweet voice answered me (in Marathi (regional) language), I gave my work order number and ask when BSNL will provide me the internet connection for my home use, she answered we are providing internet connection who has applied in the month of April, 2008.

Telephone Operator (TO): hello
Me: hello, myself Digamber and my telephone number is 288XXXX

TO: bola sir (….sir…? I wondered)
Me: (then me too in marthi language) mi internet connection sathi May 21, 2008 la MIDC (dombivli) telephone exchange yete apply kele hote. Ani ajun mala internet connection milale nahi ahe

TO: (kahi tari check karun) nahi sadhya tari April, 2008 che connection chalu ahe.
Me: achcha, mag mala sangu shakta ka, ajun kiti divas lagtil mala mazya ghari internet connection suru honyasathi….?

TO: nahi te kahi sangu shakat nahi, tari tumhi punha phone karun chaukashi kara
Me: thik ahe, mahiti dilyabaddal dhanyawaad.

After Ganesh festival (3rd week of September, 2008) I called to nandivli exchange at aaprox 2.45pm

Tring tring tring……..

Noone answered……

I re-dialed

Tring tring……ing… Tring…. Someone answered this time. I asked is this telephone exchange….? He said (marthi language): mi security wala bolat ahe….

TO (security guard): bola
Me: (in marathi language) mala internet connection keva milel yaachi chaukashi karayachi hoti, tumhi hi line tyana transfer karu shakta ka….?

TO (security guard): nahi, madam tar nighun gely ghari…
Me: mag ata kon ahe exchange madhe…? Ki je mala mahiti deu shaktat…?

TO (security guard): aaj sahib pan lavkar gele ahet, mi security wala ahe
Me: achcha, mag kadhi phone karu ….. sakal chya veli phone kara.

I disconnected the phone…

It’s very difficult to get connection from BSNL……. I decided to check what is the wrong fro internet connection and I called to Nandivali telephone exchange in last week.

Tring tring…….Telephone Operator (TO) answered with soft voice

TO: hello
Me: hello, I am Digamber, and have the work order number to get connection

TO: (in marathi language) tumhi kadhi aarj (application) kele hote…?
Me: May 21, 2008, work order number 8XX

TO: sadhya April, 2008 che internet connection denyache kam chalu ahe
Me: aho mi august madhe call kela hota teva pan April, 2008 che connection chalu hote ani ata pan tyach mahinyache connections chalu ahet…

TO: ho
Me: mala sang shakta ka aapan, ki mazya ghari kadi paryant internet connection chalu hoil.

TO: nahi, mi te nahi sangu shakat
Me: ….@#@#

TO: tari pan pudh chya velichya expandention list che connection dyayala suru kele ke milel.
Me: thik ahe.(I disconnected the phone)

Let’s wait till BSNL will provide the internet connection to my home computer.

And today I got the information about RTI (Rights on Information) (http://rti.gov.in/) and I registered the complaint against BSNL

Now waiting for response from BSNL.

Keep reading my blog, I will write here to update you all.


One Response

  1. hi digs… i hope u got d interner connection… by d way buddy keep up d good work of sharin information abt all d important things… u r a gem of a person… well India need people like u to learn new things n then spread those knowledge to all…. keep d good wrk… will visit soon. david.

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