NAMEL JungHoon Noh



EDUCATION: (Korea University, majored in Statistics)


MILITARY: HHD, 23rd Chemical Battalion, Camp Carroll (2000.12~2003.2)

MEMBER OF: Samsung Software Member 14th WORKED Samsung Electronics as a Sofware Engineer (2005.3~2007.4)



Now what……? Above profile is showing one of software engineer who is from Korea, he has mentioned his profile and now he is doing “?” that is the question to all of (IT world) us. I tried to find more information on internet about the JungHoon Noh, unfortunately could not found the much information about what he is ding currently.

I got the very useful links while surfing on internet, and really recommending for all of you. Please download the Nexusfile software from (Official site for downloading freeware File Manager NexusFile(X-File) and freeware Font Manager/Viewer NexusFont for Windows OS), NexusFile is a file manager for Windows.

We can manage many files very fast and easily. NexusFile will increase your computing performance.

If you still use Windows Explorer, you must try this one. This software is work like Windows Explorer, and it has a beautiful function which doesn’t have in Windows explorer.

This is the advanced version of Windows explorer….

A nice collections of freeware utilities by JungHoon Noh

I am sure you will be fan JungHoon Noh because of his Freeware collection.

Visit to website and download the freeware collection of JungHoon Noh from his official site before any company put there own tag on this softwares. And you have to pay the premium amount to use freeware software.

Enjoy the NexusFile Manager and other softwares from his collection.

We wish you all the best to JungHoon Noh for his future endeavors, and thanks to share your collection with the world with advanced functions


Best Regards


One Response

  1. i tried to install it but every time it showing file is corrupt , i downloaded it again but result is same.
    please help me.

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