GSC Anniversary (14 November)

Gavdevi Sports Club (GSC) Anniversary (14 November, 1997 to present)

I received the SMS at 11.30am from Rahul, he send me SMS to wish on GSC Anniversary, I was completely tied up with me office work and I could not make time to reply him back.

Today, November 14 and in 1996 on same day we started our group with the name as Gavdevi Sports Club (GSC) at Dombivli. We registered our club name with Thane magistrate and we got printed stationery for office use from local printer, and also started playing indoor games in GSC club.

After my office hour I checked my cell phone, and I read the SMS again which sent be Rahul (one of the founder member of GSC).

I reached to GSC (at Dombivli) at 7pm and I showed SMS of GSC anniversary to Ritesh and Arun. We wish each other on GSC anniversary.

Ritesh got the job and he has to join from Sunday to new hotel (at Khopoli). So he wants to celebrate his happiness with all GSC members. So he wanted the reason to celebrate (booze). And he got the golden chance.

Myself, Ritesh and Arun, we discussed and decided to celebrate the anniversary….

…… and we started to planned for celebration……… we immediately called Vilas Kene, we told him the occasion and asked to set his DJ systems (<>) near GSC ground. He node to set his DJ, and he and his team set his DJ, it took hours to set DJ to rock.

Meanwhile Arun contacted each GSC member and informed to assemble at GSC by 09.30pm.

I called Narendra and asked to buy Cake with the name of GSC. he immediate agreed to bring cake.

We fixed the contribution for celebration and all GSC members given the contributions without any hesitation.

Thanks all GSC members for your kind faith and help to celebrate the special occasion.

At 9pm we all are set with DJ and snacks. We ordered the Cake and Cold drink / hard drinks and Chicken lollypops and chicken pieces. And special thanks to mr. Sachin Mhatre he decorated the whole ground with Par lights (thanks Sachin for all your efforts).

Arun has taken care to park the vehicles at behind the GSC office. (thanks Arun for all your efforts which you have shown on anniversary day, not only today we will always say thanks for you kind support and efforts)

Amit Nimankar decided to give his hand for grand celebration and he sponsored (liquor / cold drinks and starters) evening snacks. [Thanks Amit and Congratulations for you Engagement (Engagement ceremony will come in next month – December)]

We got Honorable guest Mr. Tukaram Kene (president of GSC) and Mr. Kaanha Kene (Vice President of GSC) to cut the cake. They came together on time, they are very punctual. As soon as they came, we arranged the cake on table and in next 10 minutes we sliced the cake at GSC ground, and opened the Champaign bottled to celebrate the moment…….. cheeerssssssssssss!!!!

Arun took the opportunity to distribute the champaign / snacks and hard / cold drinks to each guest. (Once again, thanks Arun).

Hon’ble Guest, President (Mr. Tukaram Kene) gave small speech and tasted the cake pieces to each members (who was present at GSC Ground).

Our President and vice president doesn’t had much time to celebrate the GSC anniversary ceremony, so they have to go somewhere for personal work, so they can’t stay for much time, they wish us all the best.

Now guest is not there……… only the GSC members…….. cheers…… I heard the sound…. And came to know what happened inside…. I went inside I started to taste the chiken lollypop….. its was so yummy…… I loved…..

We are enjoying the eating with great DJ Ritesh and DJ Avinash (thanks Avinash, he was unwell, still he present to cheer all GSC members, thanks for your physical support). Thanks for nice music played during the Celebration of GSC anniversary.

Most of members came late (not late, they came after the cake cutting and actual celebration); all of us wish each members and enjoyed the time with dine and wine.

Thanks to all GSC members to help celebrating GSC anniversary with DJ. Special thanks to DJ Vilas, DJ Avinash and DJ Ritesh.

For DJ enquiry you may send your request (<>)

3 cheers for all GSC Members.


Warm Regards
GSC Member (Digs…)


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